JOURNAL OF INCLUSIVE DEVELOPMENT AND SUSTAINABILITY is an interdisciplinary open access peer reviewed scientific journal for inclusive development and sustainability studies. Our aim is to encourage social scientists, biologists, agriculturalists and environmentalists as well as academicians to publish their empirical, experimental, theoretical and policy research works in as much detail as possible. 


However, there is no restriction on the length of the papers. It publishes original research articles, book reviews, review papers, short communications and notes by the Forum of Inclusive Development and Sustainability Studies (FIDSS).  


Subject Areas

Topics include, but are not restricted to: poverty, unemployment, inequality, livelihoods, microfinance, agriculture, climate change, disaster management, rural development, community development, financial development, economic growth, development economics, environmental economics, agricultural economics, social entrepreneurship, social capital, human capital, financial capital, gender studies, development folklore, environmental folklore, material folklore, medical folklore, bottom-up development, local people, social psychology, social change, food systems and security, applied anthropology, medical anthropology, biodiversity and ecosystem services, forests, agroforestry, aquaculture, social geography, cultural geography, human geography, population sciences, public health, public administration, social work, government and politics, policy studies, international studies, oral literature and identity, ethnopoetics/ecopoetics, library studies, sociology and environmental studies issues.


Open Access: Free for readers, no publishing fees but donations will be appreciated to conduct the research activities, develop the laboratory as well as publish the hardcopy of journal.


Publication: Accepted papers will be published both online and print.